Friday, November 13, 2009

Tips on Buying a Secondo Home on FL's Gulf Coast

Many families dream of owning a second home near the beach, but there are a lot of aspects to consider when shopping for a second home.

First, you have to decide where you want your second home to be and whether you and your family will be able to use it enough to make it worth the expense. The location should be one that you have visited more than once and that your whole family can enjoy together. That is why so many people choose the Gulf coast of Florida as their second home. The tranquil beaches and laid back attitude always make for a relaxing vacation for both young and old. Whether you like to fish, boat, go to the beach, kayak, shop, dine, hike wildlife trails, visit museums, or go to the theater the Sarasota Bradenton area has it all.

Once you have narrowed your location down, you must examine your finances and realize your budget. There are many expenses that are incurred by owning a second home. There are factors such as mortgage payments, insurance, lawn maintenance, repairs, utility bills and taxes which are expected. Although there are many expenses that you must be prepared for as well like flood and wind insurance, boat storage, golf course usage, and association dues and assessments to name a few. Once you have factored in these possible expenses you can make a responsible estimation of what you can afford, and then begin looking at properties.

To Rent or not To Rent:
You may decide that while your second home is not being used by your family, you can generate some extra income by renting out the property. This is another reason why the location is key. Make sure that it is a desirable and convenient location where people want to stay and that you hire a reputable property management company or rental agent to maintain the property and secure rentals while you are away.

Considering all of these factors will certainly help you to make the best decision for you and your family. For ALL local listings go to

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